Indescernable Destination

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Page 2: Early Work

Dimensions: 134 by 65 by 7 cm.
Media: Paint on canvas with bolted wood sheets.


Close Up

Standing in front of the painting, you can see half of a stick man in the upper left under the house. In this close-up side view you can see the rest of the stick man, which is on the side of the canvas. He is in the painting to better express the path that we are all trying to find in life but he is represented with a certain reserve (he is a little lost as he is).

A considerable amount of “complexity” is found on his path in the form of wood sheets, one on the surface of the canvas that is bolted to another that is behind the canvas and whose only visible part is a corner sticking out center-bottom. The destination ‘point’ of the path would seem to lead away from the house, to the bottom right in the form of a triangle or arrow tip. However, this destination is anything but obvious due to an opposing arrow tip that is pointing backwards at this point.

And adding to the ambivalence is the symmetry: the house in the opposing corner, has a roof, also in the form of an arrow tip, but pointing in the opposite direction of this aforementioned destination point.


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