The Yellowing Chapel

Posted: December 11, 2009 in Page 3: Earlier Work

Dimensions: 98 by 76 cm, framed.
Media: Paint on wood panel.

This composition offers no perspective as one would expect in a true-to-life portrayal of a real life scene, and the image that is rendered is only, in large part, due  to that which has been chiselled out of the wood support. The idea here, according to the artist, is not to create an image of something in nature, but a thing in an of itself, something more real if you will. To note: the paint of the “yellowing chapel”, on wood support, is intensively scraped into. A window and door is formed from this intense activity. A tree (dead center) largely blots out the integrity of the chapel’s architecture, adding to the tension. And at the center of the tree’s foliage: a black spot–a reference point so to speak–for whatever white of the chapel remains. At the top, a cross with an accompanying sun is presented in incongruous fashion in relation to the chapel’s bright white spire. Around the painting: the entire center of a grey sheet of cardboard has been torn out, its remains offering a perimeter to the painting. The original white painted surface of this grey cardboard has all been scraped away, except for one portion at the upper right that simulates a cloud, a white cloud for all that that’s worth.


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