Hantai, Accredited with a New Way of Painting My Eye

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Reviewed Work

Hantai is an internationally reknowned artist; a “master,” but you don’t earn such acclaim by doing something along the lines of the following, which isn’t nearly original enough.

An early work:

Hantai became ‘important,’ if we are to believe his promoters, by coming up with a new way of painting, called “pliage”, which is the French word for “folding” (Hantai worked in Paris, France). An example of his “pliage” follows:

Le pliage:

Now we can understand why he became important: nobody had ever seen anything like this before in an important fine arts gallery–and then afterwords, in museums. Unfortunately this painting, and the others that belong to his ‘innovative’, ‘important’ oeuvre, are worthless to look at. But just how bad is it? Perhaps it wouldn’t be that bad if it were meant to be wall paper–up to you to decide. As “fine art” however, it is nothing less than crude,  and an insult to one’s intelligence–for ‘folding’ isn’t even original–ask anyone who has realized as much in his kindergarten kraftwerk.

To conclude, we must ask ourselves: “So why’s this stuff so prominently placed in the public’s eye?” For the answer, one would have to turn to lessons in psychology, sociology, and of course art marketing. For one reference which may help in our understanding, see the section: Review: ‘Loophole’ Article.


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