Jean-Pierre Raynaud, featuring Pierre Soulages

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Reviewed Work

Flower pot by Jean-Pierre Raynaud. One example in a long line of art whose credo is « anything is art », all you have to do is present it in the context of art. The artist himself sums up his art, and other art like it, as follows : « Art is the sublime lie. » Now, if by this statement he was trying to unmask so much of the meaningless nonsense masquerading as great art, he should be considered one of the more important artists today, unfortunately however, that’s not where he’s coming from—in perfect contradiction to himself, he really wants to be recognized for elevating this stuff to the rank of fine art. And regardless of the conceptual confusion, there is a more fundamental, practical problem: the art medium he has chosen to express his idea is visual, and his work, such as this flower pot—all too simply—contributes absolutely nothing new visually.

To take just one example of meaningless nonesense masquerading as great art we can refer to the black paintings by Pierre Soulages:

Trying to understand why buyers of such art let themselves be abused like this is to participate in this abuse. So don’t bother trying.


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