Show and Tell: Modelization of Consciousness

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Page 1: The Interface Paintings

Dimensions: 90 by 76 cm, framed.
Media: Paint and painted cardboard on wood panel.

In studying all the space-time, quantum physics, and neurophysiological concepts at our disposal we may come away with the idea that our consciousness/being is limited to dry physical laws at an infinitesimally insignificant point in time and pertaining to an infinitesimally insignificant amount of matter compared to the universe that overwhelmingly envelops and overruns us, thus effectively dehumanizing us in all respects such as free will, spirit, etc. But—and though this may not make hope for us or our hope for understanding any less unreasonable—we must understand that this picture of the universe, and of our being, is in turn rendered ridiculously insignificant next to the fact that our death renders anything and everything we may claim to know, notably spiritual claims—atheistic as well as theistic—just as meaningless.

Indeed, only some existence/awareness after death (external reference point), could lend some final light on what we consciously claim to know about existence (any or no existence), before or after death. But with this new consciousness, or perspective, one must interrogate ‘himself’ about its origins, its end, and about a valid observational reference point for it in turn, ad infinitum. And if this infinitum stuff weren’t enough, consider this: all these thoughts, any thought at all, comes only from the physio-psychological reasoning and awareness capacity of our biological makeup. Who knows if this is anything more than a terribly limited standard to go by, or any standard at all? Perhaps we are, as many would suggest, just living in some little dream world unto ourselves.


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