The Path to Enlightenment, or, One to Abandon

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Page 1: The Interface Paintings

Dimensions: 90 by 76 cm, framed.
Media: Paint on wood panel.

Highly graphical work with right angles juxtaposed with a ‘dynamically unpainted’ portion, however calculated. Cuts from a saw can be seen in the inner frame of the interface to link it to the forms that make up the central portion of the work. A small painted circle at the upper left with an outlined trace slightly carved into the wood around it can be seen at the upper left. A gash into the wood panel can be seen towards the exterior, lower right. Carved out lines, as is typical in the artist’s work, define the contours of the blue graphic portion of the work.

Comment: Enlightenment? What can be seen on its path? Where does it lead? Given the rough definition of the path seen in this painting—or one may even view it as a dead end—that seems to be the size of it: a rough path at best, at least from what we can surmise in our restricted life form and in our limited life time. Insisting on going down this path? Obsessing over some absolute truth? Sometimes you just have to know when to just let go.


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