Taking up Positions on the Playground

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Page 1: The Interface Paintings

Dimensions: 90 by 75 cm, framed.
Media: Paint on wood panel, with wood structure.

The dried piece of squarish grey paint at the upper left, carries the same mass as the green wooden block at the bottom right. Other pieces of dried grey paint are also present in the squarish agglomeration of grey paint. Black right-angled lines tie the diverse imagery together and establish a certain communication with the interface.
To note: According to psychologists/sociologists, the types of interpersonal situations you were typically in on the playground during your childhood, and/or the positions you took up (aggressive, defensive, cowardly, courageous), greatly determines the type of person you become in your adulthood, and by this they are referring to one’s most basic determinant: that being, nothing less, than the primordial matter of whether one falls to the proverbial “left” or “right”. The information you gather from your school books at any point along the way has little if anything to do with it.


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