Which One to Follow and When ?

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Page 1: The Interface Paintings

Dimensions: 89 by 75 cm, framed.
Media: Paint on wood panel, with wood structure.

This is the first painting of the “Which One to Follow” series, addressing the classic dilemma: Should I follow my heart or should I follow my mind. The black square represents the mind and the orderly black lines represent a possible path of the ‘logical’ mind. The red rectangle represents the heart and the dynamic red lines represent a possible path for the ‘emotional’ heart. The red trace at the center was found by accident–its outline in slight relief noticed in a layer of paint under the white surface. Its natural dynamic form was a revelation for the artist, so indicative it was of the non logical half of the classic dilemma he was addressing and so perfect it was for the graphic image overall. In this first version, there is a drop below the heart.

To Note: All the lines are carved into the wood panel, the center ones are lined with black paint.


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