The Groundwork, for Thee Megaliths

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Page 1: The Interface Paintings

Dimensions: 90 by 75 cm, framed.
Media: Paint on wood panel. Wood structure with wire.

The relationship to the bridge/interface is done with the wire, seen at the left. Entitled, “The Groundwork, for Thee Megaliths”, the ‘painting’ is a surface of wood panelling where various tones/forms have been brought out by sanding the surface with sand paper. A discrete amount of paint has been applied in symmetric fashion to complement the brown shades of wood. Pencil lines have been added to the “megaliths”, and can be viewed as extensions to the aforementioned wire that is in the interface. These pencilled lines are sealed with a transparent art fixative. The signature L at the bottom right is done with the same wood as that of the panel used for the painting support.

Close up:


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