Got His License Plate But Not an Escape Plan

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

Coming To Terms with Bad2016
Photograph refined with Microsoft Paint.

Who wrote that book Crap Towns in England?
Though I would like to think that a person can be happy anywhere if he feels good within himself.

Diced up some leaves, checkered in some black around the window panes in the tree. Added some minced road to the sky as cloud cover, cobble stone. SUV, backing up, down the drive, the red Suburban rear end—and barely that to boot! Anything but that! Sky (not) blue! Why’s that? Why that’s not nice to see! For Christ’s sake. Take it from your gifted seer (only from books), a form of escape, from your page in an open book, from the darkened interior of a desolate suburban room. Upstairs, down the hall, at the end. Let’s all back up a bit. This ain’t what I thought it was.


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