If That’s All Paris Were

Posted: March 3, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

Photograph modified with Microsoft Paint.

“Can you dig it?” : The Undisputed Truth was the name of some folk-pop group, and wrongly so. Festivals. Sanitation snafus. What happens when… of the debate to come. Head-on response, rebuttal, insult, result, eternal conflict—on account of the instinct where you get off like that. Poor bastard’s more delerious than serious.

Please reconsider…

An Intersection for a gathering place?, for the “occasion”—of nobody’s choice. But not a roundabout, where everyone would come around as it were—rather than fly off the handle as with some newly acquired centrifugal force.  A square would connote stability, as in the community square. Whatever, and wherever these buttresses are, it’s not a ‘place’, though this is just a detail—anything to help get your bearings straight. What’s what is that it’s not a place for that. You can only do so much for them, after which, they should get run over—it’s part of larger, necessary population-management measures when in social situations of such explosive proportions. Please consider the reasons for—it’s a shame not to celebrate for that. It’s even criminal!

As in a song…reminds me of R. L. Burnside’s “It’s Bad You Know.” Understand that no one’s gonna’ think up—except perhaps the showman Ray Kurzweil—“It’s Better Now You Know”? Not on this fitfull “occasion.” That’s as much understanding as one can muster up under the circumstances.


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