In Front of His Laundromat, “Scooter”

Posted: March 5, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

Photograph reworked with primitive version of Microsoft Paint.

Going from one extreme to another—where this means war:
Bad is bad, terrible is worse, abhorrent worse yet still—but what in the world can create a monster such as Hitler? The economy was bad, some poorly managed inferiority complex, his obsessing over the nepotism, reverse racism—as he saw it—practiced by the Jewish community, he was sexually frustrated…I guess there’s no end to the reasons to explain such a bestial creep.

And then there were the super creeps to the left, creeping up on him from the east—the communists. These guys wanted to squash any spirit any man might have of realizing his personal dream, of realizing his person, his very being. For a man healthy in mind and body—and I am not speaking of Hitler here, but of men in general—to think he has to extinguish all light within himself, all spirit, in the name of, and to the benefit of, some pseudo intellectual elite, some discontent working stiffs—often nothing more than dead beats—this must have driven a normal, responsible man with ambition, right out of his skin.
And in reaction to this, war it was, and has been ever since.


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