Chain Link Trail to Anvil Head

Posted: March 5, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

Trail Head to That2016
Bad photograph made worse.
Technique: Microsoft Paint computer graphics tool.

It all depends. How many times have we heard that? You say you have something to say, good, a picture is worth a thousand words, great, but… It depends what we mean by a good photograph to begin with. Erich Fromm, eminent psychologist and psychoanalyst, in reference to alienation in modern man, had this to say about photos in his seminal work The Sane Society: “Indeed, the taking of snapshots has become one of the most significant expressions of alienated visual perception, of sheer consumption. The “tourist” with his camera is an outstanding symbol of an alienated relationship to the world. Being constantly occupied with taking pictures, actually he does not see anything at all, except through the intermediary of the camera. The camera sees for him, and the outcome of his “pleasure” trip is a collection of snapshots, which are the substitute for an experience that he could have had, but did not have.”

The single most significant impact of Facebook

The above-mentioned pathology is even more true today, in this Facebook-selfie era that we live, with its stupid collective consciousness, its superficial, narcissistic, insecure culture, its nonexistent soul and its vacuum of true humanistic spirit, and on and on and on…gotta update my Facebook page—so you can see my face. The single most significant impact that Facebook has had on society is that it has given people a medium, a pretext—and in their minds—the overwhelming right to be infatuated wih themselves. And last but not least, it has given them to think that others are as interested in them as they so sorrowfully are. It had to be a raging success.


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