Down There’s Somewhat Unclear

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

Down There's The Sanctuary2016
Photograph enhanced with Microsoft Paint.

Bad ass? Taking a magnifying glass to ants—just plain mean! Their miniature parade—your sandwich, your picnic in the grass. Nature or nurture? I’ve been enlisted. And even if you ain’t perfect, your enemy ain’t no better. You fight back. Your self preservation instinct must prevail!

And speaking of self preservation:

The competition between the actors in the market place force them to gamble. Should an actor decide not to take chances, he forfits his chance, to others, of making the right decisions—of ensuring/increasing his capital and assets, of ensuring/gaining positive position in respect to others, and thereby forfits his chance of ensuring his survival in the market place.
There will be losers of course, but make no mistake about this: you have no choice but to take chances. If you remain out of the process, you are sure to lose out, sooner or later; you are sure to be left behind, to be left helpless—and eliminated by your competition.

The same is true for the financial markets, and manifests itself in speculative bubbles, which add to the stakes—that are already high. The same is true with nation states, manifesting itself in plays for hegemony: nations are ‘obliged’ to colonize other peoples, sensing that if they don’t do it, their enemy will… which would come back to haunt them in the end. Thanks for playing along.


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