Let Me Ask You a Question

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

Photograph reworked with a primitive version of Microsoft Paint.

Know this but what if? A great amount of injustice—and suffering—to our fellow man can be perpetrated by one who feels life isn’t fair, isn’t fair to him—who feels he has a right to strike out, even when it involves others in his path—stink in his wake—and if you truly think like this you are likely to feel little if any of the suffering to others that is a result of your bullshit. This is what is meant by sociopath, or psychopath (the difference is only a question of degree).

But, what if: you lose this excuse you’ve been using which has it that life is unfair to you? And what might cause you to lose this excuse? Regardless, should one lose this excuse—whatever the reason—he would begin to feel, for the first time, the pain inflicted upon others. And that would be bad.


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