Picnic Reconnaissance, Belorussia

Posted: March 15, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

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If we can’t deal with the enemy that is within… It goes as deep as each person being guilty of not understanding that a big part of his problem—rather than being the problem of a deficient government or calloused “establishment”—is the problem of just being alive. Psychoanaysts refer to this simply—though it is not simple—as the “existential problem”. Just being alive is a problem. From the moment we leave our mother’s womb, our organism senses anxiety. We are cut off from what our organism senses as its whole. We no longer feel whole. Some people never recover from this (emphasis on the this), not to mention our more ‘apparent’ problems of having, or not, parents who ensure our psychological and material needs as children—who see that we are loved, have enough to eat, who see that we study in school to ensure for ourselves employment and our ability to manage our general affairs later in life, etc., etc., etc.

Bad. At what level of disharmony in society will we feel that we have figured it out? If we can’t correct ourselves, deal with the enemy within, we will have to find a scape goat, an enemy exterior to what we see as ‘me,’ as being us, exterior to what we view ourselves to be. Historically, this takes the form of another country. With this the parameters are larger, greater, and more unwieldly, but it may be a facility-solution for one or another participant nation—typically because the real problem is too difficult to understand, or at least too difficult to communicate in an understandable way across the society, and exponentially so when considering the multiple societies that are involved. Result:
It’s only going to get worse and there’s nothing we can do about it.

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