Clothes Pins, The Projects

Posted: March 15, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

Photograph helped out with Microsoft Paint

See here! I introduced the blue sky, as bright and blue as it is, as a principal object, then the clothes on the telephone pole line as another principal object, contrived, and the enhanced, artificially colored grass in the bottom right as yet another principal object, or feature. “Fair enough.”

At this point I asked myself what could still be done to add to the interest of the picture. I decided to shorten the biggest clothes line pole, which before this, exited the picture in the foreground. This creates a strange effect but the length of the pole was almost impossible to decide on: I had to achieve the optimum balance with the other created objects. Seemingly countless adjustments were tested. Throughout the night—was really getting on my nerves—finally at five or so, just before daylight, the solution came. Surprisingly, the solution came by moving the small, round bright white object—with a dimple—that can be seen close by to the left of the pole more to the front in relation to it… This is an insult to your intelligence.


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