Strained Leash, Pedestrian Right-of-Way

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

Pedestrian Scene2016
Photograph enhanced with Microsoft Paint.

Oh, this is not bad? ! Trying to balance the composition by distributing like colors, like-minded loud colors, in symmetric fashion is no great feat; might even be considered a sellout—on the cheap. Introducing elements to highten the interest of the picture such as transforming the sidewalk is cheap and changing the lowbrow, pedestrian, life-protection poles into light beacons is cheap, especially cheap—and too, should be rethought through. I’d kick that dog in the ass.

Mindless maybe. Mind, or total lack there of, must be the key. The whole idea—as if the idea were unheard of—is this: How can one be pure? Good god, how can one be pure? How can one be sure? The dog, already crapola in his conceptualization, has taken a dump where others must walk (there’s a law against that), where they walk absentmindedly, or mindlessly rather, along. There’s no law against this though—just their own conscience, should they ever come across it, and it, god forbid, with this strange idea collide.


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