Largest Tree in Costa Rica

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Page 8: Coming to Terms with Bad

Photograph made great with Microsoft Paint.

Life? You have to understand Retriever: the dog almost died—in the jungle here, and I, I could see it in his eyes. And not abruptly, as I could make out, but with time for the idea to sink in, in his modest-sized head of a dog, and ruin his insouciant, his innocent, his life of a dog, or dog’s life as we say. Fearless. I think the problem is with me.

Have you ever almost died? Try it sometime. You must dramatize to get your point across—obviously. You exagerate, do you? Really? Tough to do in the face of such extremity, that is death, four-legged animal with questionable intelligence or not. My idea?—I’m outta here! Every animal for himself, as it were; as death would have it otherwise. Such an out-of-your-skin, skin-chilling realization that seizes you, for the first freaking, shuddering, take-you-totally-by-surprise time in your life. Man’s best friend. Retriever, go for it, have at it—he just don’t get it… Bare your teeth if that’s how you see it. Jump at the jugular. But the beast before us was small in comparison, inconsequential in hindsight. The real hell here was that we were just plain lost.

Not to trouble you anymore than that but, what I, I, took away from this experience was that it makes up for bad, evil even, for our bad self—a hell that we got to know, got to know on some level, that we got to retrieve from some level, gotta have, if only to keep an eye on it, keep it under control…or to keep us whole?


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